Make the most of your Alpine property for online sales and marketing




From one bed apartments to 10+ bedroom luxury chalets you need photos to show the best of your property to potential customers.

I specialise in shooting properties in the mountains, however I am available to travel to wherever you need.




 "Shooting Interiors is an extremely specialised area of photography. Balancing the light is the first challenge, I can do this either with HDR (High Dynamic Range) or using off camera flashes. The latter produces rich and deeply textured results that show high end finishes and materials at their best.

Shooting in enclosed spaces brings challenges requiring specialist equipment and post production techniques to eliminate distortion and making the most of the space available"




 Prices start at €150 for apartments and smaller chalets and increase to around €300 for larger properties. For this you would receive 10-20 interior photos and 2-5 exterior shots depending on the number of rooms.

I can also offer 360˚ interior panoramas at a cost of €150-250 per property.





Quotes for larger jobs are available on request; Contact me with your specific requirements

All prices include editing and exporting of photos to suit your website, or printing needs


You will receive a link to your own gallery on my website from where you will be able to download your images


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